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Update: | Excellent feedback from another EdNet conference in Mostar. The educators were absorbed in the activities for the whole 2 days. The meaningful playground service activity certainly was a highlight .... even though it was raining. Photos will be posted below | Reminder: Rustic Pathways can now run Duke of Edinburgh's International Awards. We offer schools currently running DoE Awards and those wanting to introduce the awards, programmes to satisfy the Bronze, Silver and Gold levels of award | Talk with your RP contact about contacting schools who have travelled on particular trips that you might be interested in. They can refer you on to these educators so that you can make informed decisions

Curriculum Links

Have you discovered great curriculum or service links with trips you have been on? Are you looking for ideas? Use this forum to ask your questions, share your thoughts and ideas. Go to comments below....

Curriculum Support
If you want to work identifying how to links trips to your taught curriculum, service or want to identify personal skill development that will 'grow' your students connect with your Rustic Pathways team. We are more than happy to work with you as we have with many other schools. If you can show how experiential trips have direct links with the curriculum parents will be on board. We provide much of the heavy lifting so that you as busy educators are not adding to your load.

Service Activities
As we all know, creating authentic service trips is not always that easy to find, for either teachers or students. If you have any great service activities that you have been involved in or would like to see, respond in the comments below. If you are wanting more ideas also use the comments below or the forums to ask the questions. 

Student Travel Books

We, at Rustic, have been developing resources that will help to include trips as part of the school's curriculum and/or service programme. We have developed customisable student travel books for schools for each trip as part of the trips package. There are 3 sections to the travel book -
  • the first section developed by Rustic provides trip specific information
  • the second section is teacher generated curriculum/service online form that populates the curriculum/service related to the trip. We have designed this to not add to the teachers workload. It is estimated that it would take 20 mins to complete
  • the third section are the actual daily journaling and reflection activities for students culminating on the last day with the opportunity for students to reflect on and summarise their trip experience
The travel book is designed to provide tangible documentation that can be explored in various subjects areas post trip.

Contact your account manager or Les for more information.

IB Corner

  • IB Diploma CAS - student initiated trips - In response to requests from IB Diploma schools for us to help out with providing opportunities for students to create CAS activities to address their Learning Outcomes, as well as provide opportunities for Extended Essay topics or IA requirements. Once students has had the draft proposal school approved contact your account manager or Les with the proposal. We will work with the student(s) and the school to offer a trip to fulfil the outcomes in the proposal.
  • IB Conferences - Les will be attending the IB conference in Vienna and the conference in Hong Kong. We are committed to providing the best IB curriculum related programmes. To do this we must remain current with IB curriculum developments. Les presented a workshop at the last conference in Singapore "Experiential Learning: Return on Investment" and is submitting a proposal to present another based around linking the DP and MYP curriculum with experiential trips.

If you are going to either of these conferences look out for Les, they would certainly enjoy catching up with you. Maybe you would like to pre-arrange a time with them. Send them an email. If you won't be attending, they would be more than happy to catch up with your colleagues who are there.

One Page Information

Talk with our team about our one pager flyers. These are quick read information pages that outlines specific details that you will find useful in your school decision-making for your trips programme. Following are the published 'one pagers':

IB Diploma Experiential Trips
Global Learner Experiential Trips
Lower Secondary Exp. Trips - Global Perspectives
IB MYP Experiential Trips
RP EdNet
School Experiential Trips Structure

IB MYP Experiential Learning: Creative Example(2 pager)
How to Choose a Program
Critical Issues Program
Community Service
Rustic Pathways Student Travel Programs
Learning Through Travel with Rustic Pathways
.... and more. We are constantly creating new one pagers  If you don't see something that you want  listed contact your Rustic Pathways team

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