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Update: | Excellent feedback from another EdNet conference in Mostar. The educators were absorbed in the activities for the whole 2 days. The meaningful playground service activity certainly was a highlight .... even though it was raining. Photos will be posted below | Reminder: Rustic Pathways can now run Duke of Edinburgh's International Awards. We offer schools currently running DoE Awards and those wanting to introduce the awards, programmes to satisfy the Bronze, Silver and Gold levels of award | Talk with your RP contact about contacting schools who have travelled on particular trips that you might be interested in. They can refer you on to these educators so that you can make informed decisions

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Thursday, August 30, 2018

A list of Resources, Papers and Readings in experiential learning

Do you have favourite books, Youtube, TedX discussions, websites, reading material that would be great to share with other educators. Maybe you are looking for some good professional learning reading. Share these here.
  • Willis, Simon, How Can ‘Outdoor Learning’ Programmes Best Link to and Support Student’s School Based Learning? Horizons (45) Spring 2009 P23 
    • I've been giving this question a great deal of thought recently. It all started when I was given a similar title for an interview presentation. In this article I hope to briefly address some of the issues that I believe have had an impact on the provision of Outdoor Learning over the past couple of years and how they relate to the delivery of high quality outdoor learning experiences and to propose a solution about how to address this issue. As part of my current role I manage an outreach programme offering outdoor learning opportunities for 45+ schools in the South Lakes with the majority of these being primary. Whilst I encourage these schools to think holistically about the outdoor learning experiences I offer, I’m not convinced that this actually happens. This concerns me and I am planning to address this issue through INSET sessions for teachers from participating schools. The vision of the Learning Outside the Classroom Manifesto is to ‘raise achievement through a practical and organised approach to learning’. It is essential for educational institutions to take on board the key recommendations as stated in the manifesto.
  • Berger Kaye, Cathryn, The Complete Guide to Service Learning 2nd edition 2004              ISBN-13 978-1-57542-345-6 Free Spirit Publishing
    • This book is the cornerstone of many schools service programmes. Cathy is a renowned professional development presenter in many international schools. This book provides excellent examples of connecting service learning with school-based curriculum - recommended by Les

    • Pritchard, Dr Malcolm, Empowering Learning: The importance of being experiential         ISBN: 978 1 909 717 98 5 John Catt Educational Ltd
      • Malcolm is a practicing head of school in Hong Kong. This book is as a result of the work he did completing his doctorate. He gives great insight into the experiential learning world with great reference to the 'why' and 'how'. This is a great reference book that broadens the thinking and challenges schools to ensure the effectiveness of their programmes for the benefit of their students. Malcolm gave a lot of insight into his thinking as the guest presenter at the 1st RP EdNet conference - recommended by Les 

      • Marisa, a contributing Writer for Rustic Pathways, Traveling with Students: 5 benefits for Teachers Rustic Pathways Website
        • Do we ever wonder why we do this? Read some thoughts from Marisa <<read more>>


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