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Update: | Excellent feedback from another EdNet conference in Mostar. The educators were absorbed in the activities for the whole 2 days. The meaningful playground service activity certainly was a highlight .... even though it was raining. Photos will be posted below | Reminder: Rustic Pathways can now run Duke of Edinburgh's International Awards. We offer schools currently running DoE Awards and those wanting to introduce the awards, programmes to satisfy the Bronze, Silver and Gold levels of award | Talk with your RP contact about contacting schools who have travelled on particular trips that you might be interested in. They can refer you on to these educators so that you can make informed decisions

RP EdNet Conference Udonthani 2018

In May 2018 we ran a highly successful conference at our Base in Udon Thani, Thailand. 
20 EdNet educators travelled to Udon Thani for a Friday evening to Sunday lunchtime conference. The programme included gave participants a blend of experiential theory, practice and implementation. They also had hands on experiences building a garden for an elderly village couple, working towards completion of a building project, and creating Thai cooking masterpieces.

  • Surpassed expectations in terms of what I learned over the weekend
  • It far exceeded my expectations. I was worried about how much I would get from a weekend conference that involved so much time spent traveling. I was also expecting much more of a sales pitch. All of this meant I was reluctant to go at first.
  • It was great learning experience and a platform to discuss ideas for service learning.
  • I did not have expectations besides the schedule of conference, enjoyed the discussion generated from the room full of experts. Malcom added a lot to the conference, wonderful introductory speaker.
  • Thanks for all of the organisation and hospitality
  • Thanks for inviting me. I was sceptical and ended up loving 
    • the weekend and came back to Hong Kong with a lot of good ideas and feeling inspired!
    • Would like to think about how students can be better prepared for service learning trips, are there activities or discussions that can support students’ leaning before departing on these trips. What are ways that leadership opportunities can be further developed?
    • I appreciated that the weekend didn't feel like a sales pitch but at the same time it could have been useful as some point to have heard about some of the programmes offered by RP and maybe to have heard from teachers that had been on them - they could even have presented about a recent trip their school had taken. On the other hand this risks turning the weekend into a sales pitch and diluting the content - it's a tough balance...
    • Great to better understand what RP is about and the people involved with RP are educators who understand the context of these service learning trips on offer.
    • It was useful to have face time with some of the organizers and better understand philosophy. Also good to speak to other educators and learn how they tweak programmes, what their students' experiences of RP expeditions has been.
    Thank you for the wonderful opportunity, and I look forward to our continued partnership

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