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Update: | Excellent feedback from another EdNet conference in Mostar. The educators were absorbed in the activities for the whole 2 days. The meaningful playground service activity certainly was a highlight .... even though it was raining. Photos will be posted below | Reminder: Rustic Pathways can now run Duke of Edinburgh's International Awards. We offer schools currently running DoE Awards and those wanting to introduce the awards, programmes to satisfy the Bronze, Silver and Gold levels of award | Talk with your RP contact about contacting schools who have travelled on particular trips that you might be interested in. They can refer you on to these educators so that you can make informed decisions

Sunday 9 September 2018

EdNet Welcome

Welcome to the Rustic Pathways Educators Network 

As global-minded, innovative educators you have joined the Rustic Pathways Educators Network (RP EdNet) community bringing together people like you, working at international schools around the world.

This is an opportunity for school communities to
* Share knowledge of trip needs and trip experiences
* Strengthen experiential trip programme structure
* Connect with like-minded individuals
* Participate in international face-to-face networking events
* Collaborate with Rustic Pathways staff for travel support and guidance
* Stay up-to-date with student impact and global safety and security

By being a part of this exciting community of forward-thinking educators we will work together to ensure that trips that we send teachers and students on maximise the learning/service outcomes.

If you are happy with 'Shopping Trips' or 'Tourist Trips' then perhaps this network is not for you. We believe that trips must have a sound and authentic return on investment for, not only schools and parents, but more importantly, for the students. The investment in time, effort and the financial outlay has to add value as part of the students development and growth in the ever-changing demands for well rounded global citizens.

The RP EdNet is designed for you to to share your thoughts, experiences and challenges which will ensure that Rustic Pathways can stay up-to-date with current school trends and continue to provide the quality experiences that many of you have already enjoyed.

This is a network for you and what you want from it. Are you thinking about reviewing the structure of your trips programme? Do you want to find out how other schools run their programmes? Are you having challenges enthusing your colleagues to lead trips? Do you want to know more about service activities? Is your programme something that you are really proud of and would like to share with others?
This website is designed to help you answer these questions and more. Go ahead and enjoy 'the experience' this website provides!!
Welcome to the RP EdNet community!!

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